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  • How long can I freeze your products?
    Products can be frozen for up to one year. However, most products are best if consumed within 6 months.
  • What is SQF?
    SQF stands for Safe Quality Food. The SQF Program is a fully integrated food safety and quality management protocol designed specifically for the food sector. Developed over 10 years, it is designed specifically for the food industry with application at all links in the food supply chain. SQF Certification provides an independent and external validation that a product, process, or service complies with international, regulatory, and other specified standard(s). It also enables a food supplier to give assurances that food has been produced, prepared, and handled according to the highest possible standards. SQF is designed to support industry or company branded products. Suppliers design and implement customized management systems to demonstrate equivalence with GAP/GMP and other best practice programs. Achieving SQF certification indicates a supplier’s commitment to producing safe, quality food.
  • What is USDA Process Verified?
    Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is USDA Process Verified for the following points: All market hogs can be source-verified to Salmon Creek Farms Marketing Association partner farms. Use of Paylean™ (Ractopamine) is prohibited in the production of Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork. No rendered animal proteins (including meat meal, bone meal, or blood meal) are used in the production of Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork. All hogs used in Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork are sourced from PQA Plus certified producers. Salmon Creek Farms Marketing Association performs meat quality evaluations. The USDA Process Verified Program provides suppliers of agricultural products or services with the opportunity to assure customers of their ability to provide consistent quality products or services. It is limited to programs (or portions of programs) where specified process verified points are supported by a documented quality management system. The specified process verified points are identified by the supplier. The USDA Process Verified Program uses the International Organizations for Standardization’s ISO 9000 series standards for documented quality management systems as a format for evaluating program documentation to ensure consistent auditing practices and promote international recognition of audit results. Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork will continue to maintain extensive documentation and undergo annual comprehensive audits by USDA AMS as part of the USDA Process Verification program. Learn more about USDA Processed Verified Program by visiting
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National Pork Boardは、宣伝、研究、教育の分野で特定のプログラムを実行しています。 ロビー活動や政府の政策に影響を与えるための資金は使用されていません。

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  • レシピ

  • 生産慣行

  • ニュースの豚肉

  • 人間の栄養における肉の役割


National Pork Producers Councilは、米国の豚肉業界が国内および国際市場に高品質の豚肉を一貫して責任を持って供給し続けることを保証するために活動しています。

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  • 豚肉の事実

  • ニュースの豚肉

  • 動物の健康と食品の安全性

  • ブログ(ミートカウンターのお母さん、ファーマーブロガーなど)

  • 豚肉生産に関する科学記事


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NAMIは、米国内の赤身肉の95%と七面鳥製品の70%を処理する企業と、米国全体のサプライヤーを代表する全国的な業界団体です。  教育、擁護、影響力を与えることにより、食肉および家禽産業を支援します。


  • 科学研究

  • 動物の健康

  • 食品安全

  • 肉および家禽の栄養

  • 肉のMythCrushers

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