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In 1904, Independent Meat Co. was founded by a group of local businessmen.  Founded the same year as the City of Twin Falls, Independent Meat Co. began as a single location butcher shop.  The shop served irrigation workers that were helping open up the surrounding farmland.  By 1909, several more retail locations, along with a  central slaughterhouse had been added.




As consumer needs, as well as the company, evolved, processing was centralized at our current location to include sausage making, meat cutting and meat smoking and the butcher shops were phased out.  Full-line grocery stores become the place for consumers to buy meat products so retail, food service and federal government contracts were the main source of business.


By the 1950's, the Florence Family became owners of the Company.


In a newly upgraded facility, Independent Meat Co., received a mark for Federal Meat Inspection allowing for interstate commerce across state lines and the option to market internationally.

Grandpa Otto

Florence, Sr.

"Independent Meat Company has been through many changes since Grandpa Florence was cutting meat, but the philosophy of being true to our customers, employees and community, all while producing the best quality product possible has not changed."

Patrick Florence, Owner and CEO

Independent Meat Company is a "Reputation" company.  It is built on a foundation of long service. 

We believe in a system of tradition, tried technology and customer focus.