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Natural Pork from Salmon Creek Farms

All Natural – All the Time!

This is simply the finest, most consistent pork available. The Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork line-up of fine quality pork products are derived from hogs with superior genetic lines. They are fed high quality western wheat and barley, are raised without hormones, are never fed antibiotics or animal proteins, and are third party audited for program integrity. This strict regimen produces fresh pork with colorful eye appeal, and the tastiest, most consistently tender products on the market.

In addition to the retail products listed below, Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is available in a complete line of fresh or frozen primal cuts for retail or foodservice use. Please contract us today (1-800-284-4626) for more information.

Petite Boneless Pork Loin

A terrific option for your next family dinner! Our boneless petite pork loins are well marbled and can be cooked as a tender roast or cut into savory boneless pork chops. This is an excellent value for a quality item that will become a staple for any family’s menu.

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Boneless Pork Sirloin

This is a very versatile piece of pork, one that could be kept in the refrigerator for many occasions – it can be cooked as a small roast, cut into shish kabob cubes, sliced into tender sirloin chops or used as stir-fry. Salmon Creek Farms pork sirloins are tender and moist and take the guess work out of “what shall we have for dinner tonight.”

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Pork Baby Back Ribs

We make the best of the rib cuts better with our great flavor and inside membrane removed for maximum tenderness. This is a fall-back barbecue favorite that will turn out great every time!

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Salmon Creek Farms spareribs are packaged in both 3 pound and 1.5 pound packages, accommodating different sized families. The cartilage has been removed from our ribs, allowing for easier slicing between the ribs for eating. You can count on Salmon Creek Farms ribs to be a great summertime tradition on the barbecue for a small family or for those special get togethers.

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Pork Tenderloins

Once you try them, Salmon Creek Farms tenderloins will be the ones you will always ask for. The extra marbling in them keeps them moist and flavorful for any recipe that calls for pork tenderloin. From simple grilling, to the most extravagant recipe, always ask for Salmon Creek Farms product!

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Pork Rolled Roast (Shoulder Roast)

Salmon Creek Farms 4 pound netted pork shoulder roasts are available all year round, and are suitable for recipes for the entire year. In the summer, you won’t find a roast more suited for your rotisserie, as the juices baste the meat and keep in flavorful and moist. In the winter, this roast can be cooked in the oven or crock pot and will serve to impress your family or guests. You deserve to treat yourself to this fine little roast!

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