Falls Brand

Falls Brand

Falls Brand, our award-winning line of cooked pork products, reflects Independent Meat Company’s commitment to providing customers the finest meat available. We cure and process our pork to enhance flavor while preserving nutritional value.

Our Falls Brand products include:


Falls Brand thick sliced bacon is cooked with natural hardwood smoke and makes a delightful addition to any dish.


Falls Brand hams and picnics are excellent choices for ham connoisseurs and value-seeking customers alike.


We combine ground pork with the best spices available to make great-tasting sausage. We offer both fresh and smoked options.


Falls Brand hotdogs combine high-quality pork and beef with our signature blend of spices and hardwood smoke. No poultry or by-products.

Marinated Pork

Falls Brand Marinated Pork products are pre-seasoned and ready-to-cook.  Great flavors!


For more information on our Falls Brand products contact us or visit the site:

Falls Brand

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